Su, I Think – eat me up

Su, I Think exudes a summer glow in ‘eat me up’.

The temptation of a fling the moment the sun appears and the weather hits 20 degrees, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Well aware that it’s something you shouldn’t be doing, but hey, your 3 for £5 gin cans are finished and anything goes at this point. Again, we’ve all been there… right?

South East’s forever iconic Su, I Think explores these teasing feelings in ‘eat me up’ – the latest addition to a string of exquisite releases that inspect a new era for the artist.

Not your usual sounding number from Su, ‘eat me up’ is an explosion of euphoric pop with flowery anecdotes that yearn for warmer days. Thank the angels that summer is just around the corner, and like Su, we’ll too be basking in the London sunshine with this glimmering anthem playing off our phones.

‘eat me up’ sees the return of bestie turned collaborator James Casper, whose gorgeous baselines make for the most delicious summer anthem.

“‘Eat me up’ is a track written about a summer fling that you know you shouldn’t be in,” explains Su. “It’s about meeting someone you kind of can’t stand but can’t help but be attracted to. Ultimately I wanted to write a track about being young and having the best time. Encapsulating the feeling of a London summer; it’s cute, it’s flirty, it’s drinking too much in the park.”

Can’t get enough of Su? She’ll be playing at R U WET? down in SE London’s Avalon Cafe alongside Josie Man and Amara ctk100 on May 18th, showcasing some of the most exciting up and coming female artists. A line-up of dreams if you ask us. Tickets can be found here.

Words: Jordan White

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