Dakota Jones – ‘Scared’

Brooklyn, NYC four-piece Dakota Jones share new single ‘Scared’ ahead of their sophomore record Heartbreakers Space Club out June 2nd.

Excessive and understated all at once, ‘Scared’ explores a lack of trust in a hedonistic relationship. And, yet again, the band operate as a well-oiled musical unit, knowing not to convey more than a simple pounding beat and mere traces of electronica, allowing the effortless vocals to do the work up to the song’s woozy climax.

The sound of water dripping in a pitch black room. Can’t even see a foot in front of you, until a light flips on. Mirrors everywhere, your reflection on repeat, receding into infinity, nothing but your own demons looking you in the eye.  Dakota Jones.

Don’t miss the accompanying music video, which sees lead vocalist Tristan Carter-Jones dressed in a striking white outfit under a lone spotlight in a dark room. Nobody else is required, as the sense of detachment and agitation is perfectly conveyed. Her vocals may invite you in, but the eyes tell a different story.

We wanted the video to reflect this feeling of isolation, desperation, and sort of being lost in the wilderness of your mind. And trying to confront all of those feelings at the same time. That’s how this song makes me feel. Like being in a dark room in the dead of winter, staring yourself down.” – Tristan Carter-Jones.

By Geo Blackman

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