Conflict Choir – Algorithm

An alternative rock back with peculiar cinematic soundscapes? Count us in! Birthed from 2020’s lockdown, UK experimentalists Conflict Choir consist of singer and guitarist Ali Clinton and drummer Jack Bowles, and let us be the first to tell you that their otherworldly creations are not to be missed.

‘Algorithm’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Strange Game’, dissects the overwhelming world of technology that surrounds us and explores the few coping mechanisms of surviving in the digital age.

On ‘Algorithm’ and the forthcoming album, the band explain: “Algorithm is the next single from our full album ‘Strange Game’, which is being released single by single. Each single has it’s own unique style and personality and has alternative versions that we will sometimes release online on our Patreon but will reserve special versions only available as physical copies at our live shows – something for hardcore fans to really dig their teeth into. We’re also releasing a visual representation of our world with each single to immerse the audience even further.”

“Algorithm is about the struggles of navigating through the digital age and the effect that our technologies have on our mental health and states of being. The song is from the perspective of the algorithm itself and is a thought piece on whether the morality we have printed upon the technologies we use is in alignment with our ideal or if we’re seeing more sinister outcomes from the technologies we have created.”

Tune in below, and keep your eyes peeled on Conflict Choir‘s socials for all exciting album details.

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