Phoneboy – Moving Out


Fresh out of school and poised on the verge of adulthood, this is a body of work worth listening to over and over again.

With inspirations that link to Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes, Frank Ocean, M83, and more, Phoneboy is a trio worth keeping up with.

This new album is all about hip-shaking singalongs and taking a break from all the the mindless distractions, and the soul-sucking social media fatigue.

Life is focusing on being happy, so being on the dancefloor for one last dance, and then another, and then another.

‘Moving Out’ is a banger. It produces something special and allows the bad days to turn good after being so bad for so long.

This writer can tell readers that this album and future releases are soundscapes, lyricism and hard-hitting production that needs to happen more in the music world.

The band says, “’Your Apartment’ is about the grey area between regret and knowing it would never work out. Ultimately, running into an ex or a crush can be nerve-racking, but not as bad as wishing you’d taken your shot. Hopefully this song helps you get over your nerves and just go talk to them.”

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