An acoustic version of the track helps show off LOWES true talent.

Dance-pop has always been a beautiful part of the music world. With this track and the Lancashire trio continuing to keep providing banger after banger, it’s time to show some love to the band.

Rhythmic guitars, soulful aura’s and powerful vocals are all a part of the game when it comes to this new offering.

It’s stripped down, but still keeps the focus on 80s-inspired sonics and euphoric charge, which makes this writer want to hear more.

Love has been shown across the world for LOWES and with ‘Game Of Love’, it’s time for them to keep shining.

Of the track, LOWES said: “Originally the lyrics of this song came from the idea that we have an increasingly ‘throwaway’ attitude to our relationships… an unwillingness to fix what is broken and persevere to make things work. Using the analogy of paper plates, broken China, and being ‘all out of detergent / all out of answers’. But then as the song developed it became clear that there was a second story going on. The track became a kind of self-mantra about being brave enough to get what you want, sticking up for yourself in relationships, and listening to your true desires.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: WMA Agency

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