Nat Vazer – Addicted to Misery

Indie rock meets folk-dipped pop.

Australian singer/songwriter Nat Vazer has brought listeners into her world and it’s quite simply amazing.

The Melbourne based artist has slowly, but surely become known for her honest lyricism and mixture of indie-rock, dream-pop and the folk tradition of storytelling. It’s what has caught the eye of this writer.

From writing songs in her punk bands in school to experimenting with soundscapes on old computers, Nat Vazer has done it all when it comes to perfecting her sound.

Her second full-length album is on it’s way this year and this new track is the best way to show off Vazer’s talents.

Speaking on the track, the talented artist explains that it is “a portrait of a time of feeling low, explored through a conversational journey. It’s about feeling powerless to help the one you love and the sense of spiralling through that feeling.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Sarah Mason PR

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