Jay Wheeler – For You

With a double release on the cards, Jay Wheeler has produced something special.

It’s not too often that the talented artist releases music in English, but when he does, it truly shows off his abilities.

Although this writer is focusing on ‘For You’, the other release, ‘Te La Dedico’, follows the same storyline.

The narrative in the music videos shows that one track ends and another begins with a new story. This is further demonstrating once again the artist’s love for innovation and his capacity for conquering challenges to continue solidifying his career. 

‘For You’ focuses on love lost. A ballad that makes any listener either weep from the raw emotion or smile due to the romance of it all.

It’s beautiful, yet cinematic for those understanding the direct feelings from this wonder of a track.

This writer can encourage any reader to bop along to this banger right now.

“Even while on tour, I have not stopped working on my music, composing, and even recording. I managed to finish these two tracks and decided to release them both at the same time and to include the music videos because I feel it’s one of the best gifts I can give my fans. All the love they have given me, and which I feel in every city I visit, is really impressive so I want them to enjoy this experience along with me and to see new and different things from Jay Wheeler”, said the artist.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: WMA Agency

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