Cosmic Crooner – The Perks of Being a Hypocrite

Cosmic Crooner releases his sonically stunning debut album…


Amsterdam’s silver-tongue, Cosmic Crooner transports us back in time with his debut album ‘The Perks of Being a Hypocrite’. Swaggering in 70s rock n roll sensibilities, sultry, slick beats, the album is laden with psychedelia and caramel-smooth vocals.

Throughout the album, Crooner’s influences such as Frank Sinatra and Lou Reed are ultra prominent, especially 60s and 70s film scores including those of the iconic French Nouvelle Vague hero Jean Luc Godard.

From the get go with openers ‘Deep Down In Jazz’ and ‘Spoiler Alert’ it completely sets the tone for the body of work, as Cosmic Crooner dissects the 21st century through his own emotions and words whilst it follows on with the bounciness of ‘Popsicle Place’.

‘Bolero’ comes in next with its romantic sensibilities. A personal favourite that is oh so goosebump- inducing. This track shows off Crooner’s intricate lyricism to a tee. He is a wordsmith, a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. It’s the perfect soundtrack for kissing the person you love in the rain or dancing around the living room with a glass of wine. The cinematic strings add drama and flare. Following in tow is ‘Late Night Obsession’ and ‘Reflexopolis’ in which we see the artist experimenting with layers and synth sounds.

Toning it down a notch, ‘Goodbye Hollywood’ is a track that shows off Cosmic Crooner’s vocals. Sonically stunning and incredibly beautiful, he bids a farewell to the past.

‘Tema di Filippo’ is a retro offering and the most cinematic. Like it’s lifted from a James Bond film, Crooner teamed up with Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni.

I’d describe Cosmic Crooner as an emotional observative hedonistic joker,” says Crooner. “I think every song touches upon different themes and has different topics. However the most important message for me with these songs is to always look for inspiration. I hope in some kind of way this album serves as an inspiration for people who listen to it.

As we descend into the final three tracks of the album, ‘Goosebumps On a Tuesday Night’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Sweet Reprise’ we get to grips with the artistry and care that has gone into the creation of this album.

With elements of rock n roll, artistic-pop, film-inspired tones and emotional lyricism, ‘The Perks of Being a Hypocrite’ is the album of the year, just three months in. Cosmic Crooner is a true songwriter and one who we will get to watch taking on the world in no time.

Listen to ‘The Perks of Being a Hypocrite’ here.

Words: Geo Blackman

Image Credit: Elf Godefroy & Lin Bartraij

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