Ceara Cavalieri – Bad Thing

Queer pop rock in its finest form with this talented artist.

Alternative pop is certainly looking good with singer/songwriter Ceara Cavalieri in the scene. From graduating university with a degree in Psychology to now releasing eight singles, she’s flying high in a world that needs more of her music.

‘Bad Thing’ focuses on betrayal while banging drums and thrashing guitar riffs follow Cavalieri’s vocals. It is all about creating a fun and playful pop-rock song about getting revenge on those who have hurt you.

This new track is considered a queer anthem and this writer completely agrees. Listeners will also be able to find the strength to overcome the situation.

That is the exact reason why this is a track to keep listening to over and over again. It’s perfect for everyone to feel seen and heard when going through those tough times.

She confides, “music has always been the number one thing to help me with the healing process. I wanted to make a fun, playful pop-rock song about confronting someone who has betrayed you and teasing them about possibly getting your own revenge while at it.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: High PR

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