Bondo – Print Selections

Lo-Fi, slowcore, and post-hardcore all mixed into one incredible debut album.

LA outfit Bondo are a band that allow their music to ebb and flow in a way that allows this writer to want more.

‘Print Selections’ is a body of work full of wonders. From the more chilled vibes of ‘Container’ to post-hardcore feelings in ‘Zion Gate’, it’s an album full of surprises.

Not only do they have a beautifully put-together eight track production, but they are masters at the craft of teasing energetic swells and weaving a meandering tale in every chord shift. It’s simply one to admire.

The four-piece have been influenced by post-hardcore, slowcore, lo-fi & dub, and life in California, which allows listeners to fall in love with the music and more.

Bondo have released their first full-length album and it’s clear to see why there needs to be more albums in the future.

Bondo explained, “Print Selections is the first full-length album by Bondo and it is saturated in the communal consciousness of the band, the songs calling for the individuals to dissolve to make way for the music. The lyrical content of the record alludes to a mind made anew, cleared of its data and ego to witness nothing in particular.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Quindi Records

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