YOUR ANGEL – Good Girl

The talented artist shares her new single “Good Girl” which is a slight tease of the forthcoming album ‘A Star in the Headlights’ out March 17th.

As her sophomore album is around the corner, YOUR ANGEL releases a banging new track that keeps listeners on their toes.

Even though the emerging artist is based in Los Angeles, she’s originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico and brings indie-rock/alt-pop vibes wherever she is.

From touring as a part of bands such as Current Joys and Surf Curse, it’s clear to see that YOUR ANGEL is an artist to admire with over 150 sold out shows under her belt. But now, she’s on her own journey.

The new track, ‘Good Girl’, allows lovers of lush synths to dive into a wonderfully produced alt-pop banger.

This alt-pop gem allows this writer to be excited about the new album coming in just a few weeks.

“It’s a song about dating someone who always has their sights set somewhere else,” says YOUR ANGEL. “It’s about the feeling of spending all of your time with someone and still feeling profoundly alone.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Christina Bryson

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