Ettash – Deep Night Thoughts

France-based Ettash brings any listener into their feelings with this new E.P.


Dark pop and emo trap sounds all in one five-track E.P is what this writer loves to see from an emerging talent. That emerging talent is Ettash.

Whether it be using music to get rid of the negative thoughts or if it is capturing the emotions of life in one project, Ettash brings out the best of humanity while producing some of the most addictive beats.

‘Deep Night Thoughts’ is a project that helps listeners understand the power of music it can have on the masses.

From ‘Perfect’ focusing on sombre feelings when it comes to trying to be a perfect version to a track like ‘Insane’ bringing hard-hitting lyrics all about a love that has been lost through not caring while the trap beats allow head-banging to begin.

“I would describe ‘Perfect’ as a sad dark pop song. It represents the whole EP, sad and melancholic lyrics on a dark trap’s beat.” explains the talented artist.

A five-track production like this deserves praise of the highest kind. It’s unique, honest, and has banger after banger.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Ettash

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