Paradise Circus – Sanguinem

A homage to the 2000s, the Midlands five-piece are back…

At the very forefront of the indie music revival sits five-piece Paradise Circus who infuse a hint of nostalgia in the works.

Releasing their brand-new single ‘Sanguinem’, it breathes a breath of fresh air into the music scene with the slick guitar licks and melancholy.

Forming back in 2019, the band have got to grips with their signature sound as they present their intricate songwriting and storytelling. ‘Sanguinem’ follows a much deeper narrative.

Speaking further on the track, they commented: Speaking further about the track, they explain: “The record is about someone who is going into conflict and reflecting on the struggle someone has, originally written in the first person of a boy being forced to fight in war.”

Words: Geo Blackman

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