Tom Speight – If This Is How The Story Ends

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tom Speight.

London-based storyteller Tom Speight has returned with an impossible task of reaching the light when at the end of the tunnel. ‘If This Is How The Story Ends’ is a magical, yet emotional tale that allows listeners to dig deep into their feelings.

The latest offering from the talented artist shows off his honest lyricism built from desperation and heartache.

It’s a track to admire as many wouldn’t look into themselves as much as Tom Speight has. It’s why he’s attracted the eyes of this writer when it comes to the music.

The clean-cut production and this being a tease of a body of work allows for this single to be one of many bangers coming from Speight.

“‘If This Is How The Story Ends’ tackles my parent’s divorce & realisation that some things aren’t always meant to be but having the hope/love that you can keep things together. It was inspired by acts like Sufjan Stevens & Jose Gonzalez with its intimate acoustic nature.” states the talented artist.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Kieron Webb

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