Billy Lockett – Abington Grove

A twelve-track production of realness.


Northampton’s very own Billy Lockett sends out a heartfelt message of self love and powering through the dark days with this debut album.

With it being a decade in the making, it’s been needed to help get listeners through the current climate. However, with ‘Hard Act To Follow’ featuring GoldLink allows non-listeners of Lockett to understand who he is from his music.

The body of work discusses the themes of the talented artist’s life such as a background of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

Billy’s journey continues in a positive new direction, even with honest lyricism and beautiful production, it’s clear to see he’s an artist to remember.

‘I’m Not Okay’ is one of this writer’s favourites from the album. Honest and open feelings about mental health are needed more and more in this world. It’s one to listen to again and again.

To close off this piece, we’ll allow Lockett himself to discuss everything about this album and more.

“Every song is a different piece of my life,” Billy confides, “whether that’s involving love, addiction, self-doubt, or euphoria…building this body of work has been my therapy, and I can honestly say I’ve never been more proud of anything.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Photo Finish Records

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