Sam Himself – Never Let Me Go

The indie-rocker has returned with a banger of an album.

Have you been dying for more music from Sam Himself? Then we’ve got news for you. His sophomore album ‘Never Let Me Go’ is here and brings absolute bangers for listeners across the world.

The ten-track production is all about finding new personal connections and the thrill of being on the road with this band. The complete opposite to the talented artist’s debut album, which dived into being all about atmospheric post-punk.

It’s a body of work that also focuses on a world reopening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studios, stages, dance floors and every musical moment was able to be a part of the world again, which this writer is most grateful for.

It’s been a vulnerable time for the music world over the last couple of years, but with Sam Himself’s latest offering, powerful music is right at the top of listeners’ thoughts.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Stefan Tschumi

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