Daimy Lotus – 1st Class D-Bag

Rotterdam’s pop sensation Daimy Lotus gets reckless on her latest single.

As she breaks down the gates of 2023 with her second-ever independent release, ‘1st Class D-Bag’ places Daimy Lotus firmly in the spotlight as one of the fiercest songwriters on the block right now.

In true pop-rock fashion, the single sees Daimy reflecting on her time spent with an intolerable jagoff, where she’d love nothing more than to call them every name under the sun. But instead, she put all of those raging emotions into a song. The result? Chaotic brilliance.

I think we all met someone in our lives who pretends to care, or even claims to care, in your face but actually they are solely concerned with their own being,” says Daimy Lotus on the new single. “Always taking advantage over the backs of other people and not taking any responsibility or even caring about those people’s emotions. A true 1st class d-bag.

Words: Jordan White

Image credit: Monique Penders

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