The Goa Express – Portrait

Burnley’s fresh new band are adding a new chapter to the story of modern British guitar pop.

A belter is how this track has been described. This is the best way to carry on a conversation about The Goa Express. Not only have they brought a realness to the music industry, but they have brought something new and exciting.

The Goa Express began with Clarke, his brother Joe, and best friends Joey, Naham and Sam wanting to show off the sound from which they have been brought up on with a small twist.

With over 100 gigs under their belt and slots Latitude, The Great Escape, and Glastonbury, these guys are showing that the working class have a voice and will always have one.

The new offering ‘Portrait’ brings a sense of melody and a looseness in the music. It allows the band to bang down the door of stereotypes and bring out the raw feels of the current climate. 

Deep down this is a track all about speaking up on feelings in personal relationships and how they can be kept together.

No matter how you feel about the British music scene right now, The Goa Express are one of only a few bands bringing banger after banger consistently.

Speaking on the track, the band explain that “Portrait has been a band favourite for a while. It always seems to go down well live, and it felt ready for the radio at the time we signed our record deal.” says frontman James Douglas Clarke. “I guess it’s about the ups and downs of sharing the same space with somebody significant and how things seem to jump around, twisting and turning in every direction.”

Words: Josh Abraham

Photo Credit: Cal Moores

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