Skofee – I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant

Unravelling lofi pop is the name of the game when it comes to Skofee, and this new offering ‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant’ is no different…

When you have publications like the LA Weekly describing Skofee like ‘Alison Krauss as well as the likes of Lorde’, you know she’s something special.

Whether it’s her house being full of bluegrass and folk music growing up or if it is creating a more pop-based sound, Skofee is one artist to keep an eye on.

Even though her debut E.P was released in 2020, it’s clear to see that she has evolved since then. This new track is an example of that.

Her latest track ‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant’ is a mixture of her candid, yet affecting lyrics and lofi pop ballad feelings all in one. She’s capable of creating ingredients in her music that can lead to an emotional cocktail of feelings in any track or project.

As this track and her upcoming E.P touches on love, loss and the search for happiness in familiar places, this writer is excited to see what Skofee’s musical journey leads to and what the lo-fi pop sound takes her and fans of the talented artist.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Alissa Wyle

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