Dublin’s The Murder Capital unleash their brand-new single ‘Return My Head’ 

The past few months have seen Dublin’s The Murder Capital, slowly teasing fans with snippets of their forthcoming album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’. From embracing gorgeous melodies on single ‘Only Good Things’, to having candid conversations of desire in ‘Ethel’, the quintet confirm their departure of the former macabre aesthetic in their newest offering ‘Return My Head’. 

The new single is an act of humility, amongst a cacophony that is clear to make The Murder Capital’s live show even more thrilling than it already is. Listening to the track feels like a rush of reflection storming through yourself from the start when frontman James McGovern utters ‘I had to realign, to begin, to survive.’. But the best is yet to come, a climactic chorus becomes a celebration of pleading, of accepting the humility to be able to ask to see your true self once again. 

‘Gigi’s Recovery’ releases January 20th, on Human Season Records. 

Words: Jack McGill

Image credit: James Kelly

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