In-Depth: PRMSE

Grab a coffee and fall into the wonderful world of PRMSE.

When it comes to knowing everything PRMSE, he’s an artist that focuses on his desire. A desire to make things positive in his music, even when there’s a negative undertone.

That is the reason why Pictor needed to speak to the talented artist. He’s a creative genius that provides all the good times you could need within his music.

His music dives into a combination of pop, R&B and a dose of Hip Hop, which is why this writer knows immediately that he’s one to keep an eye on.

In this interview, which was done just before the Christmas holidays, we jump into the creative process, Christmas parties, and life.

Firstly, how did you find the creative process during the lockdowns/early pandemic?

I think the creative process for me was so rewarding because it gave me time to think about what I really wanted to do and also I had so much time to learn to do some things myself like recording and writing in different styles.

With this new track being a follow-up to your debut single, what’s been the reaction to your music?

The reaction has been great especially after my debut single being so rap orientated, it really gave people a different side of me that I love which is vocals and harmonies. Even though it was really fun to apply a rap style to my music, there is a whole side of me that loves harmonies and extraordinary vocal production that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

‘Uncontrollable’ oozes confidence, is that natural or hard for you in terms of bringing out that confidence?

I find it so easy to express myself when I’m in the studio and on stage the confidence just comes out through nerves and fear of failure. With Uncontrollable the beat just gives me life and boosts my confidence to a next level because we worked so hard on it.

Would it be a weird feeling to see your tracks playing at Christmas parties? 

Haha, I don’t think so only because my songs are all about embracing yourself and having a good time with the people or person you love the most, which is the mood all year round no matter the occasion.

How have you found creating music and managing all the various social media platforms to be a difficult task or easy?

In the current climate it’s hard to juggle everything especially for someone like me. I over think sometimes and over analyse but thanks to my team they really help me stay on top of things because I’m a creative person that sometimes procrastinates a lot.

You have such a wide range of influences, but is there one artist that has really changed your life?

For me honestly, I would say Lil Nas X because of his creativity and also the confidence he has to unapologetic be himself.

A lot of people comment on how the U.K R&B music scene is dead or catching up with others, how do you feel about that?

I think the UK needs to wake up and start seeing the great talent they have in their backyard and stop always looking to America first for recognition. I think UK R&B is not dead and is just warming up and I think 2023 is going to be an eye opener for audiences.

The track is all about owning your desires – have you done that in your own life?

100% yes, I think knowing what you want and going for it is a beautiful thing. I hope people listen to all my songs closely because I don’t hold back on speaking about what my desires are.

Is there an album you’ve had on repeat recently?

Labrinth – Euphoria Album is creative magic, filled with pure emotion. Every sound and instrument makes you feel something deep.

Finally, what’s next for PRMSE?

Bring out more music and recruit more people to the PRMSE Land where we love ourselves and have fun. I also wanna be performing a lot more and collaborating with other artists.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: sf-publicity

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