Stalking Gia Releases Bitter, Yet Anthem Like New Track “Happy Birthday!”

She’s considered as someone who is in the space between online fantasy and Manhattan’s real-life nocturnal glow, but to this writer, she is New York’s answer to what many people are feeling right now.

The masses are feeling tired and sick of how things are, whether that is within themselves or just life in general. It’s why many are singing their hearts out to anthems that help them relate to a specific topic. Gia’s latest track ‘Happy Birthday!’ is one of those anthems.

It’s all about a toxic situation-ship that any listener can just belt out as they begin to shine in a better life or if they are diving into their feelings.

No matter how a listener has discovered Stalking Gia, whether through TikTok or through her worldwide press, it’s clear to see that this talented artist is one to keep an eye on.

Words: Josh Abraham

Image Credit: Lauren Eliza Dunn 

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