Post-punk dreamboats LUMER return with ‘English Dream’

Intertwining sleazy and rasp guitar licks, LUMER return with their brand-new single ‘English Dream’ where lead singer Alex Evans runs a commentary on modern life in the UK. It’s a bitter ode to those at the top of our society.

Residing in Hull, a place which is deprived of funding in the corner of Yorkshire, the four-piece gets seriously candid in their lyricism to create a message and one that working-class people can relate to. It’s confrontational, alluring and passionate.

On the track, Evans states: “English Dream tries to epitomise my cynical view of my country. Why are you supposed to put so much in for very little in return? There is this constant battle, it seems, to find any form of joy in the political and social climate that we are currently surrounded by. I feel that we have to crawl on our knees for our leaders whilst very little is being done in protest from our people”.

LUMER are a band for the people and we’re super excited to see where their honesty takes them. Places afar, I hope.

Words: Geo Blackman

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