Allegra unleashes an ‘amazing’ showstopper of a single.

The London pop princess is known for her dance floor fillers, ‘Amazing’ being the latest addition to her eccentric catalogue. Described as pure “party vibes”, one can agree that this sun-soaked anthem has us yearning to be in the company of summer’s sweltering heat once again.

Previously collaborating with R3HAB, Majestic and Klaas for grade-A remixes of the singles ‘Used to Miss You’, ‘All About Us’ and ‘If You Wanna Love Me’, Allegra has been joyously welcomed into the dance-sphere, a space in which her charming vocals shine like no other.

Allegra’s artistic journey began at just 14 years old, putting on shows in front of her family whilst naturally imagining she’s on a headline world tour of her own; her sofa an arena stage and her family a sea of adoring fans. Since then, Allegra swore that singing wasn’t just going to be a passion of hers, instead, she’s going to fully embody it for all it’s worth to one day become a pop sensation. That day has now arrived.

‘Amazing’ is only the beginning of a prosperous future for Allegra, and if the music continues to be this infectious and clear-cut, well, we can’t wait to hear what’s next…

Words: Jordan White

Image: Ben Northover

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