East London five-piece Tempesst share their brand-new offering

Taken from their new album ‘Prisoner of Desire’ set to be released on March 3rd of next year, Tempesst unveils their sultry offering ‘Rags of Love’ which is woven with moody guitar licks and poetic lyricism.

On the track, the band said “Rags Of Love’ chronicles the near demise and ultimate resurrection of a relationship.”

‘Prisoner of Desire’ is their most elusive piece of work to date and a bold step forward since their previous album ‘Must Be A Dream’ back in 2020. It delves into the dark sides of a relationship, the more challenging parts, and navigating through it. It steps into the mind of real love between two people.

“Above all else, we want this album to start an honest conversation about what love is: one that throws away pedestals and unreal expectations. One that shows how demanding, complex, challenging, beautiful and incredible love can be. And why, ultimately, we’re all prisoners of desire.”

Watch the music video for ‘Rags of Love’:

Words: Geo Blackman

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