Brooklyn-based Swiss artist Sam Himself shows off his most creative work yet.

An indie-rocker at heart, and a fashion icon by day, this is a great way to describe Sam Himself and that is just the beginning. From addictive drums to beautiful vocals, this new track ‘Mr Rocknroll’ brings out the best in the talented artist.

One thing to admire about this latest release and Sam Himself is that this is no ordinary release. He’s collaborating with YVY ahead of the second album coming out in January. This is why any reader can be sure that this isn’t just another artist on the block.

With a track all about finding your place in this world, it can be relatable to the masses while keeping many wanting more. He’s a visual artist who always has a message. Even with this new banger, he’s able to bring the collective thoughts of everyone while grumbling “it’s only rock’n’roll and so on”.

Post-punk is alive and well in the world and Sam Himself is one of many who want to change the soundscapes and ideas within the genre. He’s bringing something different, something unique, and most importantly, something that makes this writer want to listen to more. Time to do a deep dive on his previous work.

Make sure to keep an eye out on his sophomore LP ‘Never Let Me Go’ that is due January 27th via Sony Music / Taxi Gauche Records. 

Words: Josh Abraham

Image credit: Stefan Tschumi

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