The London-based singer drops her strongest work yet.

Sophie Kilburn is on a mission. Paying homage to her idols Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and Blondie, the ‘Not Bitter, Just Bored‘ EP encapsulates these influences all in one. The result? A collection of gritty, guitar-led anecdotes that seep with brutal honesty.

The EP’s lead single ‘Love Condition’ packs an almighty punch, leaning on Kilburn’s playful side as she dissects her own cluster of emotions, finally taking back control of those feelings. Produced by Lloyd Hinhelswood (Mabel, Liz Dawson, San Soucis), expect an abundance of easy-flowing verses and an absolute killer of a chorus, plus a hysterical music video to add.

I wanted to find the funny side of frustration of heartache because it gets to a point particularly with selfish or toxic behaviour that it is just so predictable,” Sophie explains. “We all want to be loved but all have habits that suggest otherwise.”

On the EP, Sophie explains: “‘Not Bitter, Just Bored’ is all about trying to rebuild your life after heartache and finding the strength to say no to toxic behaviour from others and from yourself. With any heartache you reach a point where you are just so bored of feeling worthless and mistreated. Every song I write I try to be as honest as possible so if I am going on about heartache recovery, part of that is sharing my heartache to encourage others to voice theirs.”

Sophie Kilburn continues to flourish with her music, the ‘Not Bitter, Just Bored‘ EP only cementing this statement even further. Check out the masterful project below:

Words: Jordan White

Image: Marieke Macklon

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