Pop star Louis Tomlinson releases his sophomore album ‘Faith in the Future’

Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson releases ‘Faith in the Future’, an album that encapsulates a sense of maturity and, a new sound. Although, it seems there are a few tracks that are misplaced and lost, overall, the offering is buzzing with excitement, pinches of emotion and great storytelling.

Tomlinson surrounded himself and teamed up with a host of talented songwriters and musicians whilst in the process of creating this album, such as The Music’s Robert Harvey who has co-written four tracks including the most popular (so far) ‘Written All Over Your Face’ which sees the pop star infusing a slither of funk and indie-pop into one small cauldron.

The likes of ‘Bigger Than Me’ and ‘Out Of My System’ are anthemic and arena-worthy with bold vocals albeit, two different genres. That’s what’s so great and glorious about ‘Faith in the Future’ though. Whatever mood you’re in, there is bound to be a song that will float your boat. You

‘All This Time’ is a personal touch to the album – one of the greats. Louis shows off his delicate side as he dips his toes into a slither of dance music, something that isn’t foreign to him after his collaboration with friend and industry-brother Steve Aoki.

‘She Is Beauty, We Are World Class’ seems misplaced and out of sync with the other other tracks – it’s lyrically bland and has no place in an indie-infused album. It almost feels as if everything up to this point has been endearing, enthusiastic and warm and this point of the album is lost in itself.

The album as a whole is experimental. Louis has quite clearly grown out of the period in his life from being in a boyband and into his own skin that oozes with nostalgic indie ballads, that should sit somewhere in the 2000s. With homages to his hometown in Yorkshire’s finest, Doncaster and singing about going to the boozer, the star has taken time to find his roots and I’m sure we all understand him a little more.

Label: BMG


Words: Geo Blackman

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