The Amsterdam-based artist returns with his meditative new single.

His retro approach to songwriting and production has landed Cosmic Crooner in a very comfortable position, allowing the Dutch artist to create delicious slices of vintage indie-pop so unique from the rest of the noise out there.

In his new single ‘Tema di Filippo’, Crooner embraces silky smooth vocals and a flurry of romantic strings; so sweet-sounding you can imagine the track soundtracking a 60’s espionage film.

“The arrangements of this song were inspired by Italian movies and their scores. We wanted to approach this video differently than my previous videos by using only one location and we wanted to create a loop with a reward at the end. One of my most transcendental videos so far.With lyrics I find it very important that everyone can interpret the song’s meaning in their own way. This was also an inspiration for the video. I like how multi interpretable the video has become,” – Cosmic Crooner

Don’t miss the super stylish music video self-directed alongside Lin Bartraij – it’s very Jame Bond:

Words: Geo Blackman

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