Stripping back to the good ol’ acoustics, Scottish upcomer Rianne Downey releases ‘Home’

Produced by Rich Turvey [Blossoms, Courteeners and Spector], Scottish upcomer Rianne Downey gets close and personal on her stripped-back, brand-new single ‘Home’.

Melted into a pot of sweet vocals and nostalgia, Rianne reflects on her upbringing – a thing of the past, to her newly found life in the music industry alongside friendships in the much bigger city, Liverpool. The acoustic guitar offers up a sense of serenity and peace whilst the bittersweet feeling of leaving teeter to the back of her mind.

Releasing the music video, we’re able to see Rianna letting go of her worries and woes as she laughs with her family and cuddles with her dog outside of her childhood home. It’s simple but oh-so-wonderful as she ponders in her natural habitat.

Speaking on the track, Rianne says: “I wrote ‘Home’ when I was still wondering whether I was going to stay or go. I always wanted to look to and travel over the horizon. Although I love Scotland, being from a small place can make people afraid to venture into the big wide world. That’s great for anyone that can settle, but it was never for me.

Words: Geo Blackman

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