Dutch-English pop mastermind Stevie Bill has finished her upcoming EP out this November, and today she drops the audacious title track ‘Messy’.

Growing up in Amsterdam, moving to Berlin and then jetting over to New York to study at NYU’s iconic Clive Davis Institute has given Stevie Bill the opportunity to experience an influx of cultures and cities at just her young age. It’s also altered the way she views and creates pop music, moulding together 90s R&B influences with 00s pop to boil up a concoction of chaotic yet addictive soundscapes.

‘Messy’ is no exception. A pure Gen Z anthem that wouldn’t sound out of place on TikTok’s viral chart, the track’s perky backdrop equipped with Stevie’s airy vocals is a recipe for the perfect pop song. There’s no wonder she’s been tightly holding onto this track for so long whilst quietly building her fanbase over the last few months. Now that her rightful crowd is here, Stevie can now unleash her strongest material to date.

“‘Messy’ is a song I wrote during a time where I would eat my takeout from last night for breakfast the next day, forget to water my plants, sleep all day and party all night,” she explains in the track’s press release. “It took me a while to realize that the unplanned parts of life are the best parts and that I actually ‘like it messy like that’.”

Stevie continues her statement: “It all started when I struggled with bad anxiety ​​(and mental health weghalen)​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​for a while. I was constantly trying to control every part of my life. But when things went differently than I had planned, I realized all that planning and worrying didn’t help. With that in mind, I let everything go. I ended up having the most fun I’d ever had in my life.”

Letting everything go allowed Stevie to fully flourish into the artist she’s meant to be, completely throwing out the rule book and simply seeing where making authentic art will guide her.

…And so far her master plan is working, with Stevie being the recent face of Spotify’s Fresh Pop plus she’s also secured shiny appearances in New Music Friday UK & NL in the last year alone.

It’s all looking rather bright for Stevie Bill going forward, which for a budding artist like herself, is such a beautiful sight to see. With her ‘Messy’ EP slated for release on November 11th, we can’t wait to wrap ourselves warm with the rest of Stevie’s celestial music that’s in store.

Words: Jordan White

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