The 23-year-old, NYC-based artist is about to soar to heights unheard of before with her new EP ‘Messy‘.

Stevie Bill is not your average pop star. Her eclectic take on modern pop blended with sultry 90s R&B influences fit perfectly into the Gen Z genre, which at times can be quite chaotic. Her aptly titled ‘Messy‘ EP is just moments away and features a plethora of personal life stories written from when Stevie first moved to New York City and how she narrowly managed to navigate life in the concrete jungle.

Ahead of the the release we sit down with Stevie and ask her to introduce herself to our lovely readers, here’s what she had to say…

Hello Stevie! Please kindly introduce your music to us…

Hi!! Hmmm… I make music that’s fun and easy to listen to about true things that happen in my life. It’s not difficult to know what my songs are about; the lyrics just tell the story. I’m inspired by whatever music excites me at the moment. When I wrote the EP that I’m currently releasing, I just moved into my house in Brooklyn in New York. My roommate introduced me to hyperpop, and also just got out of a breakup. So, everything I wrote during that time had a lot of energy. I was going into a new phase of my life.

You’re Dutch-born and New York-based – what do you find is the biggest difference musically between these two places?

It’s not comparable. New York is crazy, outspoken, creative. You can do anything you want here; create anything you want. It’s where stuff is born. It’s the most inspiring city especially when you move from a safe environment like Amsterdam. The Netherlands is great in other ways. Things are safer, more fair. It’s easier to live because things aren’t as expensive as New York, which maybe gives room for creativity as well.

What life lessons would you say you’ve learnt over the last 2 years of putting out music?

I’m still in the midst of learning them… Your 20s are CHAOTIC. One lesson I’ve learned is to try and embrace the chaos, instead of fighting it. Stop trying to control things that you can’t control and appreciate the ups and downs in your journey because it’s what makes things interesting. Try and imagine how boring your life would be if it didn’t have an interesting plot. It’s hard but I try my best to live by this theory.

Talk to us about the 90s R&B / 00s pop influences heard throughout your songs, has this always been your go-to genre?

Oh yes, R&B. I grew up playing piano and when I heard of Alicia Keys that was IT. I was like, I need to learn how to sing runs. So then I studied Beyonce until my head fell off during my teenage years. Mind you, my voice was not made for that stuff. But those Tori Kelly videos on Youtube were like my teacher. I also grew up singing Nina Simone, listening to Stevie Wonder, trying to sing Aretha Franklin. Trying really hard and ruining my vocal chords hahah. So yes, it has always been my go-to genre. It was only when I started making music for myself that I went a different route. But the influence is still there, always.

Did anybody in particular “get” you into music?

Honestly my dad and my mum. My dad plays music all day at home. When I was younger, we would sit at the computer together and he would show me youtube videos for hours of musicians performing. He has a rock’n’roll band too. My mum used to be a famous pop singer in the 80s in a girlband. They would tour throughout Europe and even Japan. I never saw working in music as something that would be impossible because she did it too. I never thought twice about it. I also think they called me Stevie because they love music.

Describe to us the kinds of themes you explore within your music.

Heartbreak, revenge, chaos, being young, having an identity crisis, growing up, partying, being stupid. Lol.

Any words of wisdom to other aspiring artists?

Follow your fucking dreams. Do what you think will get you there. Eyes on the prize like you have those flaps on that horses wear when they race. Don’t compare yourself too much to others. Meet with that person and move to that place if you can. And if you get overwhelmed, make sure you take care of your soul. Nothing is more important than your wellbeing.

What’s next in the pipeline?

The rest of the EP is arriving on November 11th and it’s got some more bangers on there. At the same time I’m having an identity crisis about my next EP – I’m 23 don’t come for me. All I know is I’ll never stop making music and following my gut because it’s brought me this far. And I’m trying to be a race horse with eye flaps. I’m playing shows in New York. I’m also graduating this year omg omg omg. What a life.

The ‘Messy’ EP is out November 11th.

Words: Jordan White

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