Dripping with anger and rage, Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison make a statement.

Having released their debut album which drips in brilliance, four-piece Cambridgeshire band Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison return with their brand-new single ‘No Trust’ which encapsulates the anger of those at the very bottom of the key chain in society.

With the cost of living crisis growing into a problem beyond belief, the rate of homelessness rising to an extreme level and one of the richest men in the UK being “elected” as the new prime minister, this track comes at a time when we all need it most – it says everything we all want to say alas, with nowhere to say it. ‘No Trust’ is an anthem for the working class and those who are being forgotten about through boisterous hooks, an anthemic chorus and noisy guitar licks.

Although most of the population is struggling, the four-piece are giving us all a platform to create change, to want to take to the streets and to start a revolution. It’s a masterpiece.

Commenting on the track, frontman Tom says, “It is a biting response to being disregarded and forced into a position of struggle whilst working as hard as possible to make ends meet. All whilst the wealth of the elite increases to almost boundless ends.”

Photo credit: Sam J Lance

Words: Geo Blackman

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