Infectious and feel-good, North Yorkshire’s Manta releases ‘F.O.M.O’

Born in Japan and raised in North Yorkshire, Manta appeared on the music scene back in 2021 with bedroom-pop-infused bops and relatable lyricism. Now returning and offering up his glistening new track ‘F.O.M.O’, he is completely and utterly unstoppable.

After gaining ample industry support from his first-ever appearance at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this summer, ‘F.O.M.O’ is a track that coincides with the summer coming to a close, despite its preppy beats and alt-pop sensibilities.

Speaking on the track, Manta commented: “Ignore Love Island wannabes and Boohoo Men that waste their lives away in the gym, just do what you want to do and don’t care for what other people think or say, be happy in your own skin!

We’re certain ‘F.O.M.O’ will be added to all of the sad girl autumn playlists for them dark nights.

Manta is set to release his highly anticipated upcoming EP ‘Roundabouts in Therapy’ in 2023.

Words: Geo Blackman

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