Alt-pop trio Elephant Kind release their brand-new single ‘Rockstar’

Entering a new era and chapter, Indonesian alt-pop duo Elephant Kind offer up ‘Rockstar’ that encapsulates and effortlessly showcases their impact back home.

With vocalist Bam Mastro’s smooth and intricate vocals, the rest of the band follow in tow with their slick beats that are moulded with perfectly cool instrumentation. ‘Rockstar’ is certainly a stunning work of art.

Having become one of the first signings to Mola Records, Elephant Kind have cemented their place in the UK music scene.

Speaking on the track, Bam commented: “Rockstar is an aperture of my state of mind during a time of uncertainty. I’ve never been more articulate in my writing than what I’ve done with Rockstar, I’m glad to be able to get everything I needed to say off my chest. This is our first track in a long time, one we never saw coming.

Words: Geo Blackman

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