Salt Ashes get dance floor ready in glistening new anthem “Didn’t See It Coming”.

Latching onto the success of her 2020 album ‘Killing My Mind’, London-based Salt Ashes returns with another absolute stomper to keep us company on our summer escapades.

Highly intensifying and deliciously catchy, “Didn’t See It Coming” is Salt Ashes at her finest as her flare for dance music is solidified even further. The disco-esque tinges heard throughout pay tribute to the resurgence we’ve seen in recent years, with Dimitri Tikovoi enlisted to co-write the eclectic number as his expertise in the dark-pop genre truly knows no bounds. 

‘Didn’t See It Coming’ is my f*cked up version of a love song,” she shares. “It’s how an unexpected love managed to pull me away from a way of life I thought I wasn’t ready to leave until they slapped me in the face… metaphorically, of course.

Exuding blissful lovestruck energy, Salt Ashes’ signature sound is only excelling with each release, and with an array of notable influences from the likes of Björk and Depeche Mode it won’t be long until she joins the greats herself.

Words: Jordan White

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