Indulge in intricate guitar and pillow-soft soundscapes with Neev’s delicate “Seawall”.

The Glasgow-based singer is all for making statements with no exceptions in this new offering that provides the utmost of dreary excellence. Dreary in a positive way, that is, as the track wholeheartedly makes you feel at peace in the moment – serenity at its finest.

Self-produced and mixed by Neev, “Seawall” is none other than another one of those lockdown-penned classics: “I’d watched the play Seawall during lockdown which written for and performed by Andrew Scott, I’d seen it in the theatre too, and it’s a play that shares a monologue where the central character offhandedly refers to a hole in the middle of their stomach,” she explains.

“This kind of fed into my song writing, focusing on the themes surrounding fatigue and stretching yourself too thin which became represented by a hole in the stomach. Hence the lyrics: ‘I know that there’s a hole, take no notice’. And: ‘What a way to exist, you’ve been polite ignoring this hole’.”

Like much of Neev’s finest work, she seeks inspiration predominantly from heartbreak and the cluster of angst that we, the Gen Z population, experience on a daily basis. Pushing through these hardships, she finds solace through art making and in return we are gifted with songs just like “Seawall” that, at their core, inspire a generation.

Words: Jordan White

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